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A deep dive guide on teaching yourself UI/UX design from zero knowledge to a full-time role

September 2020 was when I got hired as a UI/UX designer, even without any experience. Despite being a newbie, I still managed to get a 25% pay raise after three months. …

I took these 5 steps to negotiate for more.

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Three months ago, I was hired as a UI/UX Designer for a travel startup despite having no experience or formal training. Within a few weeks, I ran a design exercise to ideate with the team for a full feature. …

I empowered myself by running a design workshop

Man pointing at whiteboard full of post-it notes during a meeting
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Two years ago, I was hired as a solo UI/UX Designer for a proptech startup. Today, I’m back in the startup world as a UI/UX Designer, this time for a travel startup, and I was hired while in the midst of a pandemic-stricken labour market. …

Five things I did to get hired during Covid-19.

A bird’s-eye view of a desk with an iMac, a MacBookPro, and papers scattered across the table.
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Two years back, I got hired as a solo UI/UX Designer for a proptech startup. It was a pre-seed startup where everything was so early; I might as well call myself a founder at that point. …

5 General Rules for Any Employer To follow

Drew was supposed to wake up at 8 a.m., grab a coffee, and make toast just in time to munch on during the morning sprint meeting. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He grumbled: if only he went offline immediately after the “core hours” and ignored his manager, who sent…

Three Things That a Manager Should Never Do When Remote working

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I’m not entirely sure what is my routine anymore. Since I don’t commute to work anymore, I find myself snoozing my alarms a little bit more often than usual. In the past, 5 minutes after waking up, I would’ve been slathering myself with soap under the shower. …

Productivity starts from being accountable, even when no one’s watching.

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In Singapore, the circuit breaker — a euphemism for a lockdown, began in April. It sent many office workers who are deemed non-essential back to their homes, with their work all conducted in their abodes. …

A toxic, ridiculous mentality is being dismantled one Zoom call at a time — or is it being reconstructed?

With the sunlight creeping into the bathroom through the glass, he sat on the toilet, hair unkempt and teeth unbrushed. A regular, usual routine that lasts no more than 15 minutes before getting ready for work is now involuntarily extended as he stares intently at his phone screen.

His thumb…

Working from home requires a different type of environment

Setting your workplace environment at home is radically different than working from home.

Today’s office workers have been heavily decoupled from the workplace. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the remote work movement was accelerated; regulations and health concerns forced many businesses to conduct their daily operations at home if possible. …

3 reasons why early-stage startups should do it

The era of “no-code” developers is here

App and web developers will baulk when they hear “no-code developers”; an oxymoron in itself, it is bringing a new era for many entrepreneurs and agencies to design the websites of their dreams, without having insofar a single slick of coding knowledge.

The world has seen the rise of website…

Andy Chan

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